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Location is the most important factor to take into consideration when deciding on the specification of your new conservatory.

Different aspects have different characteristics and benefits. Glazing products and ancillary items can be used to fine tune the environment.

As the experts, we’ll be able to advise you on the products you need to make the most of your conservatory. In the meantime, find out what your new conservatory will be like here.

North facing

North facing conservatories receive sunlight most of the year, although it won’t be direct. This will make the conservatory warm and bright in the summer, but not too hot. Lack of direct sunlight can make the room colder in winter however, so adequate heating and good insulation will be important.

Low emissivity (insulating) glass units in the walls and the roof will help to keep the heat inside the conservatory and reduce heating costs. To find out more about the range of insulating glasses see Technical Specifications. If using polycarbonate in the roof, be sure to specify the thicker 35mm product because this will also help to keep the conservatory warm in the colder months.

East facing

Simply the perfect breakfast room! Plenty of sun in the morning makes this a delightful position for any conservatory.

South facing

Arguably the best position for any conservatory because it means lots of sunshine all day, all year (British weather permitting!). Adequate ventilation and shade is essential to ensure that your conservatory does not become uncomfortable in the hot summer months, though. Opening vents in the roof are fast becoming a must in south facing conservatories to allow an escape for the rising hot air.

Glare can also be a problem, so if using glass in the roof, tinted glass like Pilkington Activ Blue will help to reduce any excessive sun glare.

West facing

West facing conservatories make the perfect dining room. Late afternoon and early evening sun will make the room a delightful place to be. You’re certainly guaranteed fantastic sunsets, but since the room can still get fairly hot in the summer, adequate ventilation is a must.