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Settanta Windows

Quality, style and security

The Settanta range isn't just about looking beautiful, it's also been designed with security and comfort as paramount. The precisely engineered system boasts exceptional thermal capabilities, making the home cosy while keeping your heating bills down.

A choice of colours to suit your home

PVC-u doesn't just mean white these days. Settanta windows can be coloured in rich Mahogany or Golden Oak, both with woodgrain effect, to complement the home. Two-tone versions retain classic, clean white lines inside while keeping a homely wood effect outside.

Settanta window

Special designs to make your windows unique

Whatever the style, shape or colour of your windows, Settanta has the solution. Special designs can individualise your home without compromising on the integrity of the security.

Fire escape for your safety and peace of mind

Specially designed hinges can be fitted to provide a sufficient opening to allow easy escape in the event of a fire.

With a press of a lever, this special hinge also allows the window to slide across its length giving access to the whole window for easier cleaning.

Two position window keep allows secure ventilation

A robust two position keep, securely fitted to the window frame, not only adds to its security when closed but also allows the windows to be locked in a slightly ajar position for ventilation.

Enhanced security options

The enhanced security levels of Settanta windows are achieved with a revolutionary eleven point locking system. Central to this are unique twin stainless steel claws that grip to a centre keep in the frame. Additional innovative features include shoot bolts, high security hinges, a unique tusk-lok system along the hinge side and a stylish locking handle. When combined, these features ensure that Settanta windows exceed current security standards.